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How Does This Work?

Although we play in three-month seasons, there is no need to commit to play for the entire time or to start at the beginning of the season.  You may play as little or as much as you'd like.


We play for "points".  Points are awarded based on a player's finishing position in the tournament.  There are various "levels" of achievement; players may purchase specially designed medallions (card protectors) when reaching a level of achievement.


Players point standings are listed on the Club Players Standings Page. If you plan on attending a game and rsvp at least a couple of hours before game start you will receive an additional 1000 starting chips as a bonus.  You may RSVP either here or on Meetup (search for Sacramento area Limit and No Limit Poker Group).


Each month, the top nine players and a Wildcard player will qualify to play in a no-rake tournament at either Stones Gambling Hall or Magnolia House Casino at sheepherders Inn.  The buy-in is $50 and because there is no rake, all the money goes back to the players!

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