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Player Conduct & Etiquette

We want players to learn how to play poker and hone their skills, to instill proper poker etiquette play, to be prepared to play in whatever setting they choose including casinos and card rooms and TO HAVE FUN!


Players of all ages are welcome unless the venue requires a minimum age to enter.

Any RCPC player who engages in wagering cash, property or anything of  value at any RCPC event will be immediately reported to the club. Disciplinary action will include suspension or termination from the club. 

Players are not to bring outside alcohol, food or drinks (other than water) into a venue.   If a venue does not serve food, then outside food may be brought in.  In no case may outside alcohol be brought in.  We have a mutually beneficial relationship with our hosting venues; please remember to support them.  

Show respect to every player.  RCPC is a learning league and players of all skill levels are welcome.  While we are a learning league and want to encourage the betterment of all players, any and all advice regarding play of a hand shall be given only after the hand is over.

Please also show respect to the other patrons of our venues.  We are sharing space with them, so be extra careful regarding volume and swearing. 

Please keep your bets in front of you, do not splash the pot by tossing your chips into the pile of chips that constitute the pot.  

Place all the chips you wish to bet in front of you in one motion.  You may not put out a few chips and then add more (string bet).  An exception to this is if you verbalize the amount that you are betting or raising, and the best practice is to verbalize your bet. 

No "fold and hold" as it may provide information to players still in the hand.  

No "rabbit hunting" which is asking the dealer to play out the community cards after everyone has folded. 

Do not show your cards to other players.  If you are not in a hand, please do not talk about a hand or the board cards while play is in action, including disclosing the hand you held.  The penalty for showing the cards of a live hand to other players is to sit out the next two hands for the first incident, sit out one orbit (dealer button rotating through all players at the table) for the second incident and two orbits for the second incident. The penalties are per game and incidents do not carry over from one game to the next.  

Once the cards are folded and placed in the muck pile, you may not look through the muck pile to see what you had, show them to other players or look at any other player's mucked cards.

Collusion or any other form of cheating will not be tolerated.

Unless the dealer requests assistance, only the dealer handles the chips and cards.  Players are not to reach into the pot to make change for themselves or for others.  There is one dealer per table.  When the dealer is chopping a pot or dividing a multiple winner pot, please do not disrupt the dealer.  

If any of these terms are unfamiliar, please check out our resources to learn more about the game.

Thank you for playing with us!

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