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Tournament Structure



Each tournament is a No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em event which ends when the last player is left standing.  Whenever possible and feasible, RCPC follows the Tournament Director Association (TDA) guidelines for poker tournaments.  Each tournament will have a Tournament Director (TD).  The TD manages sets up, answers questions, arbitrates disagreements, tallies points, ensures play flows smoothly and provides an atmosphere in which we can all have fun.


We ask that players comment on the River City Facebook Page, the River City Facebook Group, RSVP on the website or Meetup Group to let us know that you'll be playing and if you're bringing a guest.  This helps the TD with set-up.  Players who RSVP on Meetup will receive an additional 1000 chip as a bonus. We ask that players arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament.  This gives you time to get settled and enjoy some great food.  We have a mutually beneficial arrangement with our venues, so please support them and remember your wait staff.  If you are late, you may join the tournament up until the end of the first break, generally an hour and a half after the start of the tournament.  Your stack will have been live and blinds will have been taken from it.  




Blinds are run according to these guidelines:


15 Minute Blinds:









12 Minute Blinds:











5,000/10,000  12m

10,000/20,000  11m

15,000/30,000  10m

20,000/40,000  9m

25,000/50,000  8m

30,000/60,000  7m




Bonus chips are awarded for checking in prior to the game (on Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Website or Meetup) arriving on time, playing on your birthday, bringing a new player with you and taking out the champion of the last tournament at that venue.  Bonus chips are awarded by the TD.


1000 for each of the categories other than birthday.  If you play on your birthday, you'll receive 100 x your age as a bonus.


Aces Cracked receives a 2000 chip bonus unless the hand took the player out of the game.  In that event, the player will be given a 5000 chip bonus at their next game. 




Points are awarded to each player in a tournament.  Tournament Directors will generally have these logged in within 48 hours of the tournament.  Players may check on their point total and finishes here .  


Points are earned based on your place finish tournament and number of players:

The formula is:  500 x (square root #players / square root place finish)


Qualifying for the Monthly Card Room Tournament


RCPC hosts a monthly no-rake tournament at a local gambling hall (the

Calendar has information about the date/time/location of each tournament). 

The buy-in is $50 and, because there is no rake, all the money will be

returned to the players as winnings.  Our intention is to show

appreciation for the players who support RCPC and to acclimate players

to a casino/cardroom environment. 


Qualifiers will be determined on a monthly basis at the end of the month:

  • Determined at the end of each month;

  • The top nine players across three categories (total points, total bounties, average points) and one Wildcard;

  • Play a minimum of ten games to qualify for average points category (no minimum for other categories);

  • Play a minimum of four games to qualify for Wildcard drawing. If the player is unable to attend the tournament, the spot will go to the next qualifier across the three other categories;

  • A player's average will be calculated using their best ten games;

  • Tie Breakers will be determined as follows:  Points will go to player with highest average, bounties will go to player with highest points, average will go to player with most games played;

  • During one tournament per week, players will be awarded DOUBLE POINTS!  The double points will only count toward qualifying for the Stones tournament and not towards league medallions and other tournaments.  The Double Point Tournaments will rotate weekly among the venues, encouraging players to try new locations.  These tournaments will be posted on the Facebook Page, the Facebook Group and on the Calendar page of this website.  

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